Artificial Grass for Animals

Artificial Grass for Animals

Oasis Artificial turf is a great alternative to natural grass for your furry family members.

Why use artificial grass?

Natural grass has a very sticky surface. It can cause irritation and harbor germs or insects. Artificial grass does not allow these pollutants to stick to it. It is also safe for the animals. These green grass blades are smooth and safe. Your animals will enjoy playing on such a grass.

Natural lawn can require the use of fertilisers and harsh chemicals which can cause allergic reactions, so why not choose a beautiful natural looking alternative for your family.

We do synthetic fiber installation on a large scale as well as small scale. We are versatile in our services. We use safe and tested grass for installation. We install the grass properly. For a smooth finish our team can help. Cleanup will be easier for you on such a grass.

If you are a pet lover then surely you would like to have a play area that is hygienic for your pets. Artificial grass is for you. Pets require a lot of care. Natural grass may not suit your needs because pets require a lot of cleanup and natural grass can cause you a lot worry.



What makes artificial lawn pet friendly?

  • Easy to clean
  • Hard wearing so no nasty surprises, such as holes in the lawn

Is artificial turf suitable for use in Kennels?

Absolutely! Artificial turf is perfect for kennels.