Artificial Grass for Schools

Artificial Grass for Schools

Not only is artificial turf environmentally responsible, with no need to use harsh chemicals or apply water, it also saves time and money as very little maintenance is required.

You can ensure your school or kindergarten has a consistent ground cover all year round for all your sporting needs, or for the allocated leisure areas within the grounds.

We have been involved in this business for many years. We are proud to state that our artificial grass services have satisfied many customers across the country. We offer artificial grass for school areas as well as some playground installation services. Let us know which areas would you like to get installed and we will handle the rest. Whether it is an indoor area or an outdoor, our comprehensive knowledge enables us to better understand the requirements of the school areas.

With Oasis artificial turf you can install a great looking ground cover in a shaded area for your students. Our staff will reach your location to discuss your requirements. We will share our working details with you to keep you satisfied. All the working will start after your satisfaction.
Whether it is a small scale or a large scale installation, we have what it takes to install the areas of your school perfectly.



Do your pupils currently sit on a hard surface during assembly, or presentations, why not install artificial turf instead?

  • Withstands climate conditions and UV Rays
  • Provides a soft surface
  • Add a splash of colour

Are your installers qualified?

A Playground is a necessary part of the school. It brings the charm and attraction towards the children. To make the playground look perfect, We have skilled installers for your service.
We will add the required playground grass areas with safety assurance. Our team value child safety and are always conscious about delivering what is demanded. With the proper tools and machinery we create the desired effect with ease.