Rooftop Terrace/Niche Bars- Synthetic Turf

Rooftop Terrace/Niche Bars- Synthetic Turf

Whether you are looking to give a face lift to a high rise building, bar, apartment block or café rooftop, we can provide the artificial turf that suits your needs

Maximise the use of your space and make your rooftop a place to relax with a pop of colour.Whether you are planning to have a rooftop terrace of a bar, We have the professionals to design according to your demands. Our team will show you the designs and will assist you in selecting the perfect design. Once the design will be approved, we will carry out the work effectively.

Rooftop Terrace Designing
We have top-notch designs for your selection. You can also demand a custom terrace design. Whatever the needs may be, we will design the best for.

Rooftop Bar Designing
Niche bars are the best when it comes to making a rooftop look amazing. Our designs will meet the modern standards by all means.
Contact us today and get your top-notch design.



Is artificial turf easy to maintain?

Oasis Artificial turf is so easy to maintain, will stand up to the elements and provide a fresh look for many years to come.

What is a Rooftop Terrace?

A terrace which is an open area on a flat roof is known as rooftop terrace. Explore the tempting experience of a rooftop terrace. We have worked on many projects and have just the right designs for your demands.