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July 24, 2017

What to look for in Artificial Grass

Straight from the professionals, we tell you what to look for when buying artificial grass.

What to look for when buying artificial grass?

Are you looking for something that can replace your garden grass to bring more beauty to it? If so, then artificial grass is the best solution for you. Made from a polyester tire cord, a very resilient material, artificial turf can bring many benefits.

Why prefer artificial grass

Artificial grass, also known as artificial turf, is preferable over natural grass because of its elegant look and resilient properties. You might have seen a place, where artificial turf is installed, appearing to be more aesthetic than the one with natural grass.

Apart from the beauty, this synthetic grass also requires very little maintenance. The only maintenance required is to keep the grass fresh and resistant to stains and ruts.

Which artificial grass should you opt for?

Are you confused while selecting just the right artificial turf for your garden? You don’t know about the features of a good artificial turf? There is a simple answer to your confusions. Few attributes make the artificial turf good.

Roll on Artificial Grass
Types of Artificial Grass

Smooth grass

The turf should be smooth and free from all kinds of bumps. If you will buy such an artificial turf where the surface is uneven and full of weeds, then that will cause you loss of money. It will also take too much maintenance over and over again. So go for the grass that is smooth and leveled properly.

No flat grass

You should opt for the artificial grass with the pile height of 30-36 mm, as this will make the grass blades to remain straight and look like lush-green fresh grass.

If you will buy an artificial grass with the pile height of more than this, the blades will start bending and grass will start looking flat and undesirable.

Appropriate green color

Everyone loves green grass. It brings the fresh and elegant look to the garden or lawn. While buying, you shouldn’t go for the intense green colored grass right away.

Take a look around your garden surroundings and decide which color you should go for. Many shades are available in green. If you surrounding demands a light colored grass, then going for the dark green grass is not a good decision to make.

Efficient Drainage

Drainage is the index of the artificial grass attributes. You should buy the grass which can handle the drainage efficiently. Poor drainage will leave your garden filled with stagnant water.

The Bottom Line

Many vendors offer different types of artificial grass in the market, but few of them deliver what suits your needs. Look for the grass with smooth texture, appropriate color and life time and make your garden look more refined than before.

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