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Artificial Grass Rolls
July 24, 2017

Why You Should Seriously Consider Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

What are the pros and cons of artificial grass or synthetic turf? We go through some of them here.

Here are some benefits of Artificial Grass

A vast number of people are choosing to adopt an artificial turf to put a permanent end to their seemingly-perpetual list of lawn woes. Some benefits that artificial grass offers are readily apparent – they help save a lot of time, money, and effort regarding upkeep. Let’s have a more detailed look.

Use less water

A real, living, and breathing lawn requires watering at clockwork intervals to remain shiny and healthy – typically early in the morning and late in the evening. However, you can wave all that goodbye with artificial grass. The only time an artificial turf would need watering is during cleaning, and that happens just occasionally. All you’d need to do clean them is to direct a short burst of water on to the scrubs to force the dirt out of those small crevices. That’s it! You’ll see immediate reductions in your water bill.


Since you don’t need to have accessories like fertilizers, manure, pesticides, or other chemicals anymore, it’s less risky for small children to play on them as there’s nothing for them to ingest. In fact, the artificial grass revolution is already catching up; more and more cities around the globe are considering adopting artificial grass for this very reason.


If you’re one of those who absolutely loathe mowing, artificial grass should be welcome news indeed. In traditional lawns, mowing regularly was a necessary evil. No one wanted to do it, but it had to be done. Now you can bid farewell to all your worries. Plastic grass never grows, so you’ll never need a mower again. You can spend the time that has been freed up by engaging in far more productive chores.

Easy Maintenance

Although mowing would be a relic of the past for you, you’d still need to devote at least some effort towards the maintenance of your lawn. Large organic materials can be removed with leaf blowers and a big bristle broom can put some fluff back into the areas of the lawn that get trampled on the most. The only time you’ll really need water is when some sticky residue needs to be cleaned. If you don’t own pets, you might not even have to do this!


Dogs are overactive creatures. They love fooling around on the lawn and chasing leaves and small insects with equal zeal. Sometimes, in all their excitement, they may eat bits of the lawn. However, dogs, for the most part, ignore artificial grass, and any mess that they create can be easily gotten rid of with some water and mild detergent. Another huge plus is that these furry friends can’t dig holes and bring back the resulting dirt and mud home.

Beauty Forever

Artificial turf is a rough soldier. It’ll battle all weather conditions and still end up looking great. It’ll continue to showcase green and still look like a real lawn. Even the parts which get trampled on the most only need minimal effort to keep them looking new.

No Pesticides

Artificial grass keeps looking green even without the bucketloads of chemical treatment that traditional lawns seem to need all the time. And since it’s all artificial, nasty bugs have no place to stay, and hence you’d have no need for pesticides. Since fertilizers are out of the equation too, it’s good for the environment. Most of all, all of this is saving you some good money.

No Weeds!

Weed control is an entire job unto itself with a traditional lawn. But with artificial turf, you can relax and see almost no weed growing up. Even if some do break out, they’re much easier to handle in the artificial lawn than a regular one.

With these benefits, it’s hard to ignore artificial grass! With all these benefits, artificial grass is obviously the future for lawns. Being environment-friendly, less water guzzling, and easy on the pockets, it’s no wonder why they are rapidly being adopted by home-owners around the world.

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